Vocabulary Expansion Classes

A new word is added to the English language every 2 hours!  On top of that, English has more vocabulary than most languages because it is a blend of Latin and German languages.  On top of that, linguists know that you must actively use a new words 7 +/- times before you really remember it.


The English grammar structure is fairly simple, yet the language gets more complicated at advanced levels and much of that is because of the vocabulary and use of phrasal verbs.  Once you have a solid foundation in grammar, you build and improve your English with vocabulary.  Following the MindFul English motto of language like a plant, a plant grows first with seeds; then we water it with practice.

During weekly "Vocabulary Expansion Classes" the focus is to learn and practice new vocabulary, like watering the seeds you plant.  I will guide you with new vocabulary, interactive questions and there are opportunities to talk in small groups with others.  This approach incorporates mindfulness into learning, so we will start and/or end each lesson with a meditation and conversation is based on different things, including many topics related to mindful living and higher consciousness.


Vocabulary wise, I always focus on misused words or "false friends", new words that are in the media and relevant to current events, and phrasal verbs, among other things.  These weekly classes are suitable for Intermediate and Advanced levels of English (targeting levels B1 and above).   This class was free during the lockdown, but for the second half of 2020, there is a minimal charge. 


Price: 5 Euros

Join me and others from around the world to expand your English knowledge while getting some peace of mind at the same time!  To participate, you must download Zoom and register on the website.  You can download here: https://zoom.us/download

*Recommended to use a computer instead of phone and to have a webcam. 

*You must register for each class online, since the link for each class is different. 

*After registering on the website (blue button below), a link with log-in details to the Zoom classroom will be sent to you. 

*You can also sign up directly on the Meet-up page and pay via PayPal there.  https://www.meetup.com/Mindful-English/


See you online!


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if you have questions about the program!