Relaxed yet structured, fun yet serious (but not too serious), This English course stands apart. The mix of different levels works out very well. Meghan is a true professional teacher, very committed and effective.
-Jerome, Brussels (May 2019)

I highly recommend her method. Exercises are funny and simple. Our most recurrent errors are corrected immediately with practical examples.

-Andrea, Brussels (Nov 2018)

I went today for the first time to a Meghan's guided conversation table, and it was great. Her method is very efficient. Time goes by in a very pleasant way. She corrects these mistakes you always make because they are, as she says, "rooted" or "fossilized" in your mind. She corrects those mistakes as you make them, so that you are aware of them and can write them off from your memory. You also learn new words and expressions (including the dreaded phrasal verbs) for everyday use, so that you feel and sound more natural when you speak. Go to her conversation table, give it a try :-) 
-Pedro, Brussels (Nov 2018)​

The class "Inglés Consciente" was very good for me. I am not afraid to speak English anymore, and it was fun. The focus of SVO was helpful. I liked the approach for learning.
-Joaquin, Barcelona (Sept 2016)
Challenging and unexpected. Kind and inspiring group. Try it!
-Martine, Brussels (Nov 2018)

If you looking forward to improve your English language plus vocabulary skills, this Mindful English weekly program it's a very fun and interesting way to learn! So don't think twice 😁 Meghan's courses can help you water your English plant 🌷
-Abu, Brussels (Feb 2019)
Mindful English gives you the opportunity not only to improve your English but also to gain self-confidence. You can relax while studying English. Meghan is a wonderful teacher, she is very patient and devoted to help you with the “fossilized mistakes” and I highly recommend her lessons.
-Dessislava, Brussels (April 2019)

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