Knowledge Gap Course

Once a student reaches the Intermediate levels, B1 and above, the focus shifts from communicating to sounding more natural and being precise.  Sounds natural is influenced primarily by two linguistic factors: interference and fossilization.  These are two areas that are highly emphasized in this 8 week course.

8 week course

Mondays from 6:30 to 9:00 pm (CEST)


Total 20 hours

The curriculum is made up of the most commonly mistaken areas for students of this level because of both interference and fossilized mistakes. Therefore by working on the problematic subjects, a student "fills in the gap" of their knowledge on the topic and with repetition gains more awareness.  The combination of knowledge and awareness is key to success and moving to the next level of language fluency. 

Once a student finishes the 8 week course, they are allowed to repeat it as often as necessary, for a lower rate and with some conditions.  This is to help in the development of awareness, which is essential for learning.   After each module, you will receive a summary document of the topic, a homework assignment  and answer key for practice as well as a Certificate of Completion from  MindFul English. 

Upcoming dates and program:

Module 1: Monday, February 1st

Module 2: Monday, February 8th

Module 3: Monday, February 15th

Module 4: Monday, February 22nd

Module 5: Monday, March 1st

Module 6: Monday, March 8th

Module 7: Monday, March 15th

Module 8: Monday, March 22nd

The cost of this course is 250 Euros for 20 hours.  (12.50 Euros/hour)

Highly customized lessons based on the most recurring mistakes from students of these levels.

Classes will be maximum 8 students.

After completing the course once, if you refer a new student, you can repeat the entire 8 week cycle for must 50 Euros. 

*This course is based on bringing more awareness to your learning, so repetition is encouraged.

*After this cycle of classes another will start and dates will be announced closer to the end of this first cycle.

Contact Meghan for information on the Course Curriculum, the Referral Program and payment details and information:

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if you have questions about the program!