About Meghan

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After more than ten years of teaching English and coaching adults for professional development purposes, I have found the greatest obstacle to learning is ourselves and our confidence.


I'm originally from the United States, and in the last ten years I have lived and taught adults in three different countries... and all around the globe online.  MindFul English was inspired during my time living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   I regularly talked to students about the need to stay calm in order to speak well and simply show what they knew.  Over time the influence of emotions and mindset on learning was obvious.


I lived in Buenos Aires for five years and finished my Master's in Linguistics there in 2012 from the University of Colorado, with coursework from the University of Buenos Aires (Facultad Puan, UBA).  Later I moved to Barcelona, Spain and I now reside in Brussels, Belgium - the second most international city in the world.   In Brussels I have taught at the European Parliament and Commission, the Belgian Foreign Ministry, and Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), and Doctors without Borders (MSF), to name a few.  While in Barcelona, I was the principal teacher for the Barcelona City Tram drivers and the list of clients in Buenos Aires includes Takeda Pharmaceuticals, DDB Advertising, and the Buenos Aires port, to name a few.  I'm still in touch with many students over the years from the online platforms 7Speaking and Speexx as well.


MindFul English combines language learning with personal development, giving a more holistic approach to learning. 

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